Device Selector

The Device Selector is a new tool designed to help you discover the IntelFPGA devices that are appropriate for your next design. You can quickly and easily specify the resources you intend to use for your next design, and the Device Selector will filter the complete IntelFPGA device catalog to show you all of the options that might be suitable.

Additionally, the Device Selector allows you to see detailed information about each IntelFPGA device, including resource count information, the version of the software in which the device was initially supported, whether the device has preliminary, advanced, or final power and timing models, and whether POF and pin-out support is enabled. No more digging through Release Notes documents to find all of these details, they're now in one unified interface!

Another great feature of this new tool is that you can use it from not only your desktop computer, but your phone and tablet too! If you're in a design meeting or your boss's office, you no longer have to go back to your desk or fire up your PC to see if an IntelFPGA device will work for your project! Just whip out your phone or tablet and use the easy-to-use interface to input your design requirements and see the variety of IntelFPGA devices that will suit your needs.

To use the Device Selector, simply choose the device family from which you want to find an appropriate device for your design.

Next choose a specific device to see the various different specific parts the device offers.

You can then sort the columns to find a device with the optimal features your design.

Click the link for any of the individual parts to get detailed information about the part.

You can do more detailed comparisons of User I/O pins and HSSI channels for all devices in a family with the Package Matrix. Click the Package Matrix button in the right corner of the top-level family page.