Design Store

Getting Started with the Design Store

The Design Store contains Quartus Prime project templates based on design examples to help you quickly get started designing with the Quartus Prime software. The project templates in the Design Store are fully functioning designs that are ready to compile in the Quartus Prime software.

You can browse all of the design examples, or you can choose your development kit and find design examples customized for your kit.

To use the Design Store, choose whether you want to get started with a design example, or if you already have a development kit, you can jump ahead to get started with the customized designs.

Next, choose your device family and Quartus Prime software version.

You can then search through the list of design examples or development kits that match your device and version selections.

Opening Design Examples from the Design Store

The design examples you download from the Design Store are fully functioning design templates. These templates are ready to be compiled in the Quartus Prime software and are intended to help you get started on your next design. You must complete a few preliminary steps to prepare the templates for use.

  1. Download and install the version of the Quartus Prime software that corresponds to the design example you want to try. The easiest way to find the correct version of the software is to follow the link provided on the design example page.

    Note: IntelFPGA recommends using only design templates that are optimized and verified for the version of the Quartus Prime software you are using. If you use a design template for another version of the Quartus Prime software, results are not guaranteed.

  2. Download the design example installation package from the Design Store.

    For example, you can download the installation package for a design to help you implement LED drivers.

  3. Prepare the design template.

    a. In the Quartus Prime software, open the New Project Wizard (File menu).

    b. Use the Design Template Installation dialog box to install the template. You can open the Design Template Installation dialog box in the Design Templates page of the New Project Wizard.

    c. Select the design template you want to install.

    At the command-line, type the following command:

    quartus_sh --platform_install –package <project directory>/<installation package file name>.par

    For example:

    quartus_sh --platform_install –package <project directory>/an502.par

    The project is installed in your working directory in a new directory devplatforms/<version>/<directory name>/<Quartus Prime archive file name>.qar.

    Then type:

    quartus_sh --platform –name <Quartus Prime archive file name>

    For example:

    quartus_sh --platform –name an502

  4. In the Quartus Prime software, open the top.qpf project to get started.