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Name IMAGEM Technology Solution Demos
Description Founded in 2003, IMAGEM Technology has developed innovative solutions for addressing graphics and video. In 2006, IMAGEM Technology launched their first intellectual property (IP) solution “ATHLET Black”, followed by the “ATHLET Green” IP solution in mid-2007. For more information, visit

Unique benefits:

Direct from designer to embedded platform
Does not use openGL
Driven by the Nios® II embedded processor
Full color resolution
Optimal usage of Altera's FPGA parallelism.

The following demos demonstrate the power of the ATHLET IP. Contact IMAGEM Technology for an evaluation.
Operating SystemBareMetal
IP Core
IP CoreHeading
FamilyCyclone III
IMAGEM Technology Solution Demos-
Development KitNios II Embedded Evaluation Kit (NEEK), Cyclone III Edition
Quartus Prime VersionDownload Quartus Prime v9.1
Quartus Prime EditionStandard

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