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Nios II 3C120 Microprocessor System with LCD Controller  

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Name Nios II 3C120 Microprocessor System with LCD Controller
Description The Nios® II 3C120 Microprocessor with LCD Controller design example is a complete system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solution that incorporates a rich set of system peripherals and standard interfaces for a wide range of embedded applications involving flicker-free video processing and LCD touch-panel control. This system consists of a Nios II processor, memories, video pipeline, LCD controller, and other peripherals.

This system is targeted to the Embedded Systems Development Kit, Cyclone® III Edition kit. The system provides an interface to the hardware components on the board, such as the DDR2 SDRAM, CFI Flash, SD card, LEDs, push button, DB9 RS-232 connector, Ethernet MAC/10/100 PHY, and the 800 x 240 pixel RGB LCD touch panel.
Operating SystemBareMetal
IP Core
IP CoreHeading
FamilyCyclone III
Nios II 3C120 Microprocessor System with LCD Controller-
Development Kit Altera Embedded Systems Development Kit, Cyclone III Edition
Quartus Prime VersionDownload Quartus Prime v8.0
Quartus Prime EditionStandard

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