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How to debug HPS SPI using SignalTapII  

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NameHow to debug HPS SPI using SignalTapII
DescriptionThis page introduces how to debug HPS SPI using SignalTap II. HPS Peripheral signals can route to FPGA Fabric. So, using the feature, you can observe the signal on SignalTap II without any measurement instrument such as Logic Analyzer and Digital Oscilloscope as below.
Operating SystemNone
IP Core
IP CoreHeading
FamilyCyclone V
How to debug HPS SPI using SignalTapIIEmbedded Design Example
Development KitCyclone V SoC Development Kit
Quartus Prime VersionDownload Quartus Prime v15.0
Quartus Prime EditionStandard

Last updated on Aug. 20, 2020, 4:14 p.m.