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Cyclone V PCIe Root Port with MSI  

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NameCyclone V PCIe Root Port with MSI
DescriptionThe FPGA design is based on the Golden System Reference Design(GSRD). Newly added modules include: PCIe RootPort(RP) IP, MSI-toGIC generator IP, MSGDMA and throughput measurement modules. The design demonstrates the Altera PCIe HIP Root Port ability to enumerate a Gen1x4 PCIe Endpoint and measure the link throughput. The Endpoint consists of an Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter or Cyclone V FPGA with PCIe HIP. This example design is provided as a starting point for PCIe system designs. It consists of both hardware designs and software packages.
Operating SystemLinux
IP Core
IP CoreHeading
PIO (Parallel I/O)Other
JTAG to Avalon Master BridgeConfigurationProgramming
Avalon-ST Bytes to Packets ConverterQsysInterconnect
Avalon-ST Channel AdapterQsysInterconnect
Avalon-ST Single Clock FIFOQsysInterconnect
Avalon-ST JTAG InterfaceQsysInterconnect
Avalon-ST Packets to Bytes ConverterQsysInterconnect
Reset ControllerQsysInterconnect
Avalon-ST Timing AdapterQsysInterconnect
Avalon Packets to Transaction ConverterQsysInterconnect
Arria V/Cyclone V Hard Processor SystemHardProcessorComponents
IRQ MapperQsysInterconnect
JTAG UARTConfigurationProgramming
MM InterconnectQsysInterconnect
Avalon-MM Slave AgentQsysInterconnect
Memory-Mapped Burst AdapterQsysInterconnect
Avalon-MM Slave TranslatorQsysInterconnect
Memory-Mapped DemultiplexerQsysInterconnect
Memory-Mapped MultiplexerQsysInterconnect
Avalon-MM Master AgentQsysInterconnect
Memory-Mapped Traffic LimiterQsysInterconnect
Memory-Mapped Width AdapterQsysInterconnect
Avalon-MM Master TranslatorQsysInterconnect
AXI Master AgentHardProcessorComponents
Memory-Mapped RouterQsysInterconnect
AXI Slave AgentHardProcessorComponents
On-Chip Memory (RAM or ROM)OnChipMemory
System ID PeripheralOther
FamilyCyclone V
Link to RocketBoards-
Development KitCyclone V SoC Development Kit
Quartus Prime VersionDownload Quartus Prime v14.0
Quartus Prime EditionStandard

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