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Arria V GT Development Kit  

CategoryDevelopment Kit
NameArria V GT Development Kit
DescriptionThe Altera® Arria® V GT FPGA Development Kit provides a complete design environment that includes all the hardware and software that you need to develop full FPGA designs and test them within a system environment. The development kit is RoHS compliant, and includes the following features:

Two FPGAs for system-level design
Arria V GT FPGA: 504K logic elements (LEs), F1517 package, 36 6G tranceivers, and I3 speed grade
Three I/O expansion slots: two high-speed mezzanine cards (HSMCs) and one FPGA mezzanine card (FMC)
2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory, 4.5 MB of QDR II+ memory, and 1 Gb of flash memory
Two SFP+ connections
SMAs and the new Samtec Bull's Eye connectors
Ability to measure individual power rails on each chip
FamilyArria V
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Last updated on March 1, 2016, 10:37 a.m.